Collected Items Bug

Recently I decided to start selling all my limited. Upon going to my profile, I noticed that limiteds I already sold were still appearing in my “Collections” list with no option to remove them.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Add a limited item to your profile collections
  2. Sell the limited

can we get a fix for this? i’m stuck with items i don’t own on my collections list and can’t remove them as the option is not available for items you do not own


Can confirm this happens with pretty much everyone.

If you want a quick fix, just add more items to your profile and eventually the collectibles wont be seen anymore.

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This has been fixed, sorry it took so long. The remove from profile option is now visible even if you do not own the item anymore.


Glad it’s fixed! Does it automatically remove the item from profile when you sell or delete the item from your inventory, or is it just the option to remove it from your profile?

It will not automatically remove from your collections when it is removed from your inventory, the only change was making sure the button would display if you didn’t own it.

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the same item is showing up in my collections twice and i can only remove one of them because i added and traded the other one away. when i remove one from my profile, there is no option to remove the second one. is there any way to fix this?

May I ask how you managed to get the second sword pack in your collection to begin with?

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initially i added the first sword pack a few years ago, then traded it away while keeping it in my collection.

around a week ago i bought the item, and after purchasing it, the only option available was to add it to my profile, so i added it (again) and it overlapped, showing up twice on my profile.

however when i try to remove it, it only removes the most recent one. if i remove the most recent swordpack from both my collections and my inventory, there is still no option to remove the second one, as if it’s not in my collection at all ):

give it up for day 96, still attempting to remove the item from collections ):

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Hi, I’m still unable to remove certain limiteds from my Collections, more specifically ones I no longer own. Is this still an ongoing bug? I was able to remove items that I did own, but not ones that I sold a while ago.

I just want to be able to remove all items from my Collections, but I don’t see the three dots at the top where it allows you to remove said item (in my case 8-bit sword pack)

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I’ve got the exact same issue and I have no idea how to solve it tried many things none worked.

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