Collection of cities

You should try making one huge metropolis world thing, you could have huge cities with smaller towns far off in the distance prisons pretty much anything, it’d make it so if you get bored of a project just walk off in a distance and build somewhere else.

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I had also already thought about doing that for 2 months ago and it is obviously a good idea

Its superb, and did you do it on studio or blender (looks like studio but just wondering) and does it lag because of the detail?

Most of it in Studio, and a few things in Blender, but I would not worry about lag, I have tested the maps themselves and they all run perfectly.
on a mid-range PC
since I use the high-end for other things

this is phenomenal, I have nothing more to say than you did an amazing job!

I really like it, definitely not a simple build, looks great. All of the models and textures look outstanding and wonderful, I love the realistic vibe and the lighting is great. You have amazing talent and the details are just out of this world for Roblox. Definitely should be on your portfolio.

This is really good. It’s so detailed and the atmosphere is amazing. By the way, is this supposed to be New York?

No, some items belong but are not

Wow @murjarquitecto! That’s some amazing work as always :joy: ! Believe it or not, you were actually one of my sources of inspiration for my city!

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That’s incredible! Are these for a game?

I’m crying right now…

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For some of the skyscrapers, are they a part with a decal or texture? Or did you make them with parts and meshes, or maybe both, different ways for different buildings?

Of course they are not textures or decals, in my honest opinion it is ugly and of low quality, all my buildings that you will see in each city are parts (Clearly you can see in every image that they are not window stickers or textures)

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UPDATE: The city in image 6 and 7 of this theme has been added with the other cities


Why don’t you do commissions? You’ll be making ludicrous amounts of Robux. No offence, but you aren’t using your potential to the max. :frowning:

I already have commissions actually in process

I never knew! I would suggest making a Developer Forum portfolio on. #collaboration:portfolios

Ummm… I know it is not my conversation but in reality murjarquitecto is using all its potential, using the potential to the maximum is not making commissions for others only, if not, doing what he likes,
Maybe one day he will release a very detailed game but that could go to the public.
Basically we cannot say that a person does not use their potential to the maximum just for not making commissions

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I’m sorry if I sounded rude. My view on life is different than his. :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry, we all make mistakes sometimes

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