CollectionService failing to replicate tags

Whilst working with the new CollectionService and the GetTagged method associated with it, I encountered a bug in which specific tags I’d been setting to parts wouldn’t replicate to my client.

By narrowing it down, I worked out that tags set from a specific script of mine weren’t replicating.

In particular, tags set after a ‘game.Players.PlayerAdded:wait()’ yield would not replicate to the client.

Attached is a repro for the bug:
CollectionServiceBugRepro.rbxl (16.0 KB)


By starting up a server and clicking on the various buttons, different parts with tags are highlighted. The green parts with tag ‘Gamma’ don’t go transparent like the others, showing that the tag for them isn’t replicating. Note that the tags do replicate from server <-> server, but not from server → client.


Thanks for reading!


I believe @Tiffblocks has a fix for this

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Unfortunately, the tags only replicate when the Instance is replicated to the client for the first time (e.g. after creating it or moving it into the workspace from ServerStorage). This is a bug that I have fixed and will hopefully be out in a week.


Thanks for the fast response.

Will there be a post anywhere when this fix is live on production?

I’ll post on this thread and in the announcement thread.


The fix is now live.


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