CollectionService tagged objects not replicating across server-client boundary

I’m scripting a GUI in a local script and I have a “rainbow button” (It’s a text button) that I want to tween the background color so it changes through different colors in a table. I already have set up and tested the code to tween the rainbow colors and it works perfectly… from the server.

My issue is that when I use collection service in the local script to tag the button it isn’t replicated to the server and therefore not tweened. So far I have only used CollectionService:AddTag().

I have theorized about using a remote event to pass the object to the server to have it be tagged and tweened but I am trying to avoid this as the remote event could be exposed to exploiters and I’m trying to make my game as server-sided as possible.

Here’s an example of what I’m currently using to test whether or not the tagged instances are replicated. So far it’s shown that they aren’t, but I need confirmation on whether or not this is true or if there is another way.

Local Script:

local CollectionService = game:GetService("CollectionService")

Server Script:

local CollectionService = game:GetService("CollectionService")

local TaggedRainbowObjects = {}
local function AddObject(object)
	print('Added Rainbow object: "',object,'"')
local function RemoveObject(object)
	print('Removed Rainbow object: "',object,'"')

Note: I didn’t include the code for the rainbow tweening because it already works. This is just the method I’m using to try and detect replicated instances.

All I really need to know is if there is either a better way to script this and if tagged objects replicate from the client to server, as I haven’t found a single sentence denoting whether or not they do.

Scroll down to the bold letters that say Replication. Not sure if that completely answers your question though.

Also. I don’t think that that should be much of an exploiter issue, isn’t it just a button tag?

You could also add some server checks to make sure it’s what’s supposed to be happening. Just in case.

Standard replication rules apply. The client cannot propagate changes to the server, so the server will not see tags that the client adds to objects. Likewise, a client’s tags on an object will get overwritten if the server modifies the tags for said object. Remotes are required, or a change in approach.

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