College programmer looking for web service commissions

Who am I?

College student who’s major is programming (Computer Science). Multiple past internships doing programming related work (I can show my resume in a DM). And multiple years of experience using R LUA. Originally found my passion for programming through Roblox, developing basic scripts and it just took off from there!

What am I offering?

The service that im offering is the creation of a web API such as a REST API for your games to interact with. There are a multitude of benefits but bascially this allows for easy cross game/platform communication. For instance, you could blacklist someone in your discord and every game with the correct script wold ban that player from joining. Or some type of SMS communication between different games that allows users to talk with each other. Another is transferring data such as stats to different games.
This is different than cross place communication which uses Messenger service.
I can also host the webservice on a server dedicated to this, or I can just RDP or SSH into a server that you currently own.

Examples of past work, more can be shown through DM's

[CLOSED] Experienced programmer looking for building partner
FEEDBACK - Game im making: Singularity


Prices are negotiable


You can contact me through Discord: zNed77#2921


I am not looking for a full time scripting position, or to be the main programmer of a game.