Collideable Particles Module [Self Collisions Update V3.2]

Hello! First off I want to say that this is an amazing module. The customization is insane here. However, I have a small issue with it.

When my particles have a trail, it seems as if the particles jump positions really fast or something, because the trail creates an awful line when the particles are initially created. Here is a video of what I mean:

How do I fix this? The trail I’m using is just the default Roblox trail instance.

Here is my code if needed:

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local particleEvent = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("particleEvent")
local SparkPart = ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("Spark")

local EmitterCreator = require(script:WaitForChild("ParticlesModuleRewrite"))
local Emitter =

Emitter.Part = SparkPart
Emitter.Folder = workspace.GFX

Emitter.Bounce = 0.4
Emitter.ColliderSize = 0.15
Emitter.Drag = 0.6
Emitter.LifeTime =
Emitter.Rate = 250
Emitter.Speed =
Emitter.Spread =, 100)
Emitter.WindDirection =, 2, 0)
Emitter.Wind = false
Emitter.CameraCulling = true
Emitter.DistanceFPS = 30

Emitter.InheritSpeed = 1
Emitter.Acceleration =, -90, 0)

function Emitter.EveryFrame(Pos : Vector3, Vel : Vector3, LifeTime : number)
	return {Size = / 750, Vel.Magnitude / 750, Vel.Magnitude / 500)}

	Emitter.EmmiterObject = emitterPart
	Emitter.Enabled = true
	Emitter.Enabled = false



So that is a problem with how Roblox Trail instance and Particles Caching system works. So how the part Caching works now, instead of deleting particles after their lifetime, we teleport them under the map which is better for performance. But then the Trail instance ruins everything as even it’s maxDistance value cannot make it look less worse. So, i think the best but hacky way to fix this is doing something like this:

function Emitter.EveryFrame(Pos, Vel, LifeTime)
	return {["Trail"] = {["Enabled"] = true}}

function Emitter.OnSpawn()
	return {["Trail"] = {["Enabled"] = false}}

function Emitter.OnDespawn()
	return {["Trail"] = {["Enabled"] = false}}

Basically, onDespawn we disable the Trail. onSpawn we disable the trail, and that’s because if we would enable it on spawn then the weird long trail glitch would show up. We then EveryFrame set the Trail to enabled, and it won’t happen when the particle spawns as we already set that on spawn the particle will disable the trail, so the trail should enable only after first frame. This is a hacky solution, it may have performance issues but they shouldn’t be high if im correct on how the engine handles changing properties, so you shouldn’t worry about performance too much.

Currently in the released version there isn’t a onDespawn function. I had to implement it in my next version that isn’t ready yet, but i don’t want you to wait so here is the newest unreleased version that you will need to use for it to work:
ParticlesModuleRewriteEarlyPrototype.rbxm (10.8 KB)
In the new version you can basically change the properties of the ancestors of the visual particles and the onDespawn function is added.

If you still have issues, i can help you out. Just message me.

Edit: I uploaded the wrong File. Now it should be ok.


the particles arnt moving :‍( how do i fix it? also they are on the server side

They are supposed to be client sided. But, if you want to keep them server sided that’s alright. Could you send you code and maybe a video?

print("Hello world!")
function Emitter:BeforePhysics()

theyre supposed to move up ↑
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“Speed” needs to be a NumberRange, not a normal number. Also, the script should be inside of an “Actor.” The speed would look something like this:

Emitter.Speed =, 10)

Also, AddForce does not expect a Vector3. Use Acceleration instead.

My final script looks like this:

local EmmiterCreator = require(script:WaitForChild("ParticlesModuleRewrite"))
local Emitter =

Emitter.Part = script:WaitForChild("Part")
Emitter.EmmiterObject = script.Parent.Parent
Emitter.Folder = script:WaitForChild("Particles")

Emitter.Speed =, 10)
Emitter.Acceleration =, workspace.Gravity, 0)

Emitter.Enabled = true

My Explorer looks like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 20.33.36

Also I’d recommend using ParticlesModuleRewrite, because it is the newest version.

local EmmiterCreator = require(script:WaitForChild("ParticlesModuleRewrite"))
local Emitter =

Emitter.Part = script:WaitForChild("Part")
Emitter.EmmiterObject = script.Parent.Parent
Emitter.Folder = script:WaitForChild("Particles")

Emitter.Speed =
Emitter.Acceleration =, workspace.Gravity, 0)
Emitter.Enabled = true

the fire particles are clipping through the oven
my explorer looks like:
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Do you still have issues? I don’t recommend using this module on server side as it will make the game lag due to how many particles data is send to clients. Other than that it should he ok. Do you have any errors? Could you send a video of the bug? BTW Iterations don’t do anything unless you enable collisions between particles.

Great Module! It looks amazing but I haven’t got a chance to test it myself so I had a couple questions.

  1. Does this work with flipbook particles
  2. Is there a way to reference particles and edit the properties of particles using a script?
    For example, let’s say I wanted to change a particle’s texture or size when a collision is detected. If not, would you consider implementing something like this? (If it’s a performance problem then maybe make it an optional feature?)

Something like that would be very useful to make more dynamic particles.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

So well, all the particles are 3D. The 2D ones are made by changing the particle emitter’s FaceCamera property, and using a 2D mesh. The mesh then has a texture on it. So to make the particles act like if they have flipbook animation, you could add a flipbook texture and change it’s properties every frame to change the particles texture position.
For referencing particles, the only way you can change particle’s properties is by using the EveryFrame() function. Just change the function to update the particle instance properties you want. Sadly you cannot change the particles speed and position, i might add it in the next update if you want.
If you need any help you can reply anytime.

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