Collision Detection Help

Hey, I made a Quake I style movement system and I’ve stumbled upon something that I’m really bad with. One of those things being collision detection and flattening a vector against a wall (at least I think that’s what it’s called). By flattening a vector against a wall I mean this:

and right now this happens in my movement system:

I would want to know how I would detect if a wall is in front of the player and flatten the vector against it like shown in the GMOD example.

What I mean by flattening the vector against the wall on an image:

I would greatly appreciate snippets of code, videos, websites or anything really that would help me understand this :slightly_smiling_face:

(I am using the Linear Velocity body mover with a Vector Velocity Constraint Mode, ForceLimitMode is PerAxis and MaxAxesForce is, 0, math.huge) )

Sorry for the bad handwriting on the image , it’s hard to write on PC.

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I don’t know the best way to implement this using Roblox’s API, but I can tell you the math for calculating the “flattened” vector. Based on the drawing you made, you already know your velocity vector v. If you can get the normal vector n of the surface you are colliding with then you can calculate the “flattened” vector f = v - (v dot n)n.

(v dot n)n will give you the component of v parallel with n going in the opposite direction. From there, we can subtract it from the original vector to get the component of v that is perpendicular to n and in the direction of v. I’ve drawn a picture that can hopefully illustrate what I mean. The dotted lines are just the vectors shifted so that the origins are the same as the normal vector (It makes the illustration easier to understand).


Thanks, I’ll probably try this method in a few days when I’m free.