Collision Errors? (Mesh; Terrain)


As a Developer, I and Many others find Meshing terrains more useful than actually using parts, as it Reduces Overall Lag. As we all know, there are Mesh errors on Roblox, with the collision, today I am seeking help.

Example #1

After using MULTIPLE plugins, I have been greeted with multiple results, which I am not looking for, Since the game, I am creating is REALISTIC, I truly need the meshed terrain, which I cannot seem to get correct.

Here’s what the plugins to the meshed terrain;

And here’s what I need it to do

If you have any solutions, please reply with them so I can continue the game.

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I do not have any solutions to fix the collision other then using invisible parts to make collisions and turning cancollide off in the meshes properties. It seems this is also a problem with some unions as well.

Roblox really needs to fix this issue. It’s affecting A LOT of developers Roblox-Wide. Although we are all unsure if it’s the software used to create the meshes.

I just typed a reply like this out for another user, but it’s applicable here:

The problem is due to Roblox’s way of solving collisions. Roblox uses Approximate Convex Decomposition, which means that the hitbox is solved by using only convex shapes. This creates a problem when dealing with concave meshes (Like yours) because it’s attempting to be solved with only convex geometry.

To see the hitbox geometry for yourself, you can go to File > Settings > Physics > Show Decomposition Geometry, then restart studio.

Your mesh is very big so the issue is more prevalent. The more complex the mesh, the less specific ACD is when solving it. I can’t guarantee it will work, but you can try splitting the mesh up into smaller meshes and combining them. The smaller chunks will allow ACD to solve the collision model better.


We just need to give time to Roblox to fix all of this.

Then everything will happen.

Surprisingly it actually worked. It still has the nice realistic feel, while also working with collisions. It’s not perfect, but’ it’ll definitely do. Thanks!

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