Collision Fidelity in Command Bar

Hey, first and foremost, sorry if this is in the wrong section I’m not sure if is a bug or a feature request lol. It seems more to me like a bug.

As stated on the wiki here, the CollisionFidelity property of union objects isn’t scriptable and must be set in Studio. This being said, we still can’t set the property using the command bar in studio directly, however I wasn’t surprised to get the error “Unable to assign property CollisionFidelity. It is not scriptable”

I have a large number of unions and meshparts designed in a way that it only seems reasonable to give them a box style hit box however I wasn’t aware of the performance benefits involved when I started working with them so I left them as default.

Sure I could go ahead and select them 1 by 1 individually and then change the collision fidelity, however it’d be much easier using the command line as there are thousands of these parts.

Again apologies if this is in the wrong section, it seems more like a bug than a feature request to me right now haha.

Please find below an image of the type of unions I’m talking about:


Would still be nice if it was scriptable, but as a quick tip you can select all of them with the command bar and then change all of them with the properties window in one go.

local t ={}
for obj in objsIWant do
    table.insert(t, obj)


As a workaround, you can have a script select all unions and use the property pane to set them all

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Oh damn had no idea this was a possibility, that’ll help a lot in the meantime, thanks :heart: