Collision Fidelity Server workload Efficiency

Hello! I was wondering what’s the best Collision Fidelity to lower the work on a computer, I have many unions and maybe 90% of them are cancollide off so players do not really need to stand on them and are there for decorational purposes.

What’s the best collision fidelity to use in this case? Will a Box, Default or Hull be best?

I was also wondering what render fidelity to use in this case? Precise or Default?

What’s the best of each of the above to lower the amount of work done by the server (Thus reducing lag)


It depends on whether or not the players will interact with your builds. If it’s a tree for example, I prefer to use collision fidelity set to default. Since 90% of your unions are cancollide false, then I recommend setting all of them to box.

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Setting them to Box also makes the amount of triangles go to 0 right?

No. The “triangles”, “faces”, or whatever else you’d want to call it, they create the visual appearance of the mesh. Even if a mesh is in box form, it has to have at least 12 triangles to appear as a box.
But Collision Fidelity does not manage the visual appearance of the mesh. It only manages the type of collision mesh, so it’s not exactly something you see, but rather something you interact with, collide with.

That said, Collision Fidelity “Box” is the simplest and the most efficient setting, so using it will improve performance, at the expense of possible collision inaccuracies.
You can find out more about CollisionFidelity settings here: