Collision Fidelity settings with building in Studio

I’m attempting to achieve better optimization of a current project I’m working on, and this applies to many builds I’ve worked on.

One of the many tricks you can use to reduce lag in games is to have collision turned off of parts that don’t necessarily need on. Furthermore, I’ve heard that you can also change the Collision Fidelity setting in properties to better optimize your build. However, I’m not sure which setting to use under Collision Fidelity.


As you can see, there are 4 options which the setting provides in the dropdown menu.

  • Default
  • Box
  • Hull
  • PreciseConvexDecomposition

What I’m trying to figure out is, which of these 4 settings can be used to better optimize my build? If you are knowledgeable on this topic, please share what you know with me!

Box is most optimized since its a box.

Hull is Box and Default combined aka, its just half inbetween. If you want some collisions yet performance, choose it.

Default is normal collisions, some issues, but usually normal/normal performance.

PreciseConvexDecomposition is the big lad yet less performant of all the options. But it probably has the best collisions/hitboxes.


Thank you so much for explaining each!