Collision Group + Spatial Query Issue

I’m trying to query if a player is in a part using :GetPartBoundsInBox(). I have player-player collisions set to false, but player-default collisions are still on. Because of what the official documentation says I’d assume that it would pick up the character with the default collision group used for the overlap.

Im not sure if it’s due to character limbs have CanCollide set to false, or if I’m misinterpreting the wording.

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Fixed it, what I did was query the player hitbox and check if the box was included in the result.

(EDIT 2 days later) For anyone curious what I mean:
Instead of using the part’s hitbox to detect the players (who have their own collision groups to prevent player-player character collisions) I used the bounds of the character model ( approx. 4,5,1 for those curious) and instead queried that box. The neat part is that this method actually allows for predictive movement. :+1: