Collision Groups Manager plugin UPDATED v1.1!

Get rid of finding different collision groups in your workspace!

With the Collision Manager plugin you can find, select and modify all different collisiongroups in your games, experiences, places and projects in Roblox Studio.

The Collision Manager plugin can be installed from here:


Widget’s interface looks like on this screenshot:


The interface is quite intuitive (at least I hope so…), and a Help button gives you instant reminder about for what are the plugin functions good for.

A short tutorial of the plugin:

I hope you like it, if so, please leave a comment, add a like and check out my other plugins too!

May you have any question, just drop a line below!

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Isn’t there already a collision group manager already installed in studio?

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Good question!

There is a collision editor in Studio, but that offers one thing only: you can set which group collides with which one.

It doesn’t find you the objects within a specific collision group, so you can easily lost in the groups, especially if you don’t remember what objects you have changed to what.

This is why there can be place for such a plugin.
Check out the video, that might add new point of view in this question.


Nice, might try it in the future.


Thank you!

I think collision groups is quite useful but one of the less known feature of Roblox.
I hope this plugin can help to some developers, hopefully to you (later :slight_smile: )

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Hello Guys!

From now on the price of the Collision Manager plugin has been set to free.
I ask users only to give some feedback here if possible. :slight_smile:

If you are happy with this tool, check out my plugin portfolio, especially the most popular NAAP plugin and the new & emerging Lighting & Skybox changer plugin too.


Hey, this is a really good plugin! Thanks so much for making it. One issue here is that the plugin is off sale. Any clue as to why it has been set that way? Thanks. I’ll leave the notification on just in case cause I am in need of this plugin for my project.


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OMG, I set it wrong!!! :frowning:
I’ve fixed it, ty for your note!

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UPDATE: The plugin was mistakenly set to “not for sale” for a day - now it has been fixed!

Hello guys! As the plugin has some popularity by now, the plugin has its own price again (as originally was set): it is 5 Robux from now on. Thank you for understanding!