Collision groups stuck at 2?

I have two games, one game with the map, and one game with all the scripts, but i have removed them.

i have just noticed that the characters who spawn on the game with the map has a collisionGroupId of 2 , whereas, my testing games characters have a collisionGroupID of 0, there are no scripts at all in both games, what could be the cause?

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Is it a custom rig or a default roblox one?

both the default and custom character models.

It might just have something to do with humanoids. Is it affecting anything negatively?
Edit: I’ll do some testing.

i copy and pasted everything to the map, but the collision groups are not the same when they spawn for whatever reason.

I don’t do a lot of collision, what exactly is occurring when you test it?

false alarm… there was a free model script that affected collisions.

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