I’ve never really used collision groups before so excuse me if I’m a noob with them :123:

Anyways, I managed to figure out how to turn collisions off for a certain player but I’m unsure how to turn the collisions back on for a certain player
Basically trying to figure out a way to remove object in a collision group.

I currently have the following code on the server and it is ran when the client fires an remote event.

I don’t know how to format code on here, so sorry about that.

Any help would be appreciated!

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As for formatting if you use 3 back ticks ` to open and close a code grouping
Its the little button next the the 1 key

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So, this wouldn’t remove the collision group from everyone, correct?

And thank you for the info. on how to format.

I thought that was the goal. To make 1 player “it” that can’t touch other players and then have player “it” be can collide again.

What are you going for?

Sorry if I didn’t explain it clearly, but heres an example:

10 people are in a game

7 people clicked a button, those people now have player collisions off.
The other 3 people in the game who didn’t click the button still have collisions on.

Say those 7 people click the button again, now their collisions are back to normal (on).

Basically you are gonna want to create a separate collision group for each player. When said button is pressed just have a loop go through and each cession groups status based on the team they are on.

If you do this though, you’ll have to make sure to remove the group once the player leaves since there’s a limit of 32 collision groups

Reset to normal you need to set their group back to default.
SetPartCollisionGroup(v, “Default”) --or with capital letters, not sure.

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You could also just make one collision group and make it uncollidable with itself

Thank you, thats what I needed.

I was unsure if I could do that or not.