Collisions On Meshs

When creating a new mesh I was hoping to be different from most by using the ocean mod in Blender to create canyons and ridges like a mountain area, sadly when I was finished I tested my game and the collisions were terrible even with precise collisions on. I was wondering if there was a way to make it actually work.


Use this tool to see what’s going on: Mesh Optimization Tools - Roblox

Alternatively, you could try to mess with CollisionFidelity in the properties

You are never going to get accurate collisions for complex meshes like terrain. What you can do is make the mesh CanCollide false and then insert invisible parts where you want the player to collide.

You can get polygon perfect collisions by setting the “collision fidelity” option to Precise Convex Decomposition
It bases collisions on exact polygons so it has bad performance compared to default with high poly meshes but it overall is way more accurate.

Edit :
the different collision fidelity’s :
Box - Its a box.
Default - a rough estimation of the surface
Hull - an estimation of the surface (more precise than default)
PreciseConvexDecomposition - Exact polygons (Major performance hit on higher poly models)

CollisionFidelity Api refrerence

I believe you miss what I am saying. There are huge areas where you should fall but instead, you continue it’s like an invisible hill.

Perfect is a stretch even with that as I said it still had collision problems, many.

Yes, I understand what you are saying. You won’t be able to fix that problem with the collision fidelity setting, it only gets so precise and it not intended for complex terrain meshes. What I am suggesting is that you use a bunch of BaseParts that are invisible to form the surfaces that you want the player to be able to walk on.

So if you want the player to walk flat on one part of the mesh, just put an invisible part in that area so the player can walk on it. That’s the only way you’re going to get the collisions you want

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I assumed that however they should rename it from Precise Collisions to we lied lol not even close to goo.