Collisions on Specialmesh Map

Hey! So I’ve imported a map from Assetto Corsa and the map is way larger than 2048 x 2048 x 2048. I decided to make a script that converts all the meshes into special meshes and it worked flawlessly. The thing is the special mesh doesn’t have any collisions and I need it to work with A-Chassis and Player collisions. The map is super big and manually doing collisions would take very long. I’ve tried using the OBJ importer plugins to make wedges but they ended up crashing my game.

Maybe there could be a script that makes a collision group with the special mesh but I do not know how that would work. Any ideas???

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SpecialMesh does not work with collisions so MeshPart must be used instead, unless you want to put transparent collision parts inside of the special meshes.


If you have a 3D editing tool available to use, you could try dividing the map into small sections and individually importing them into Roblox, although this would take a while to do in your case since it’s a very large map

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Yup, tried that… 30 wordssssssssssssssssssss

Unfortunately I don’t think that Roblox’s engine is able to support massive and detailed maps whilst also allowing accurate enough collisions for a competitive racing game

A possible solution to this problem would be to consider scaling everything down, including player characters, until they fit within more reasonable bounds. This should allow you to use MeshParts for your map, which can adjust their collision geometry according to the map’s mesh. Note that using this method might require adjusting physics related properties to match the new global scale