Color Bubble Effect Demo

holy crap, this is amazing I feel that you could make a puzzle type game with this

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This looks so cool, especially how the colors work inside/outside of the bubble.

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How to chop-up Meshes:

Yes glad that this bug(?) is still there. I use it to chop-up Meshes in Studio (ToO lazy to learn Blender (DESPARATELY NEED AN ARTIST!))

Animate meshes (my game is on a globe, with no gravity or physics; just graphics. uNIT MAY BE “UPSIDE-DOWN” IF IN THE sOUTH pOLE)) :

To make cavalry unit out of a nice horse mesh I found; cut off the legs by making the Mesh Transparent = .02. Put a block of Glass to cover the four legs; Transparent = .98. Legs disappear. Make new legs from PARTS. Animate…