Color & Lighting Feedback

So I’ve been looking around on youtube and I encountered some guy who does timelapse of Roblox building, and I couldn’t get my eyes off a lighting setting that he made, and I need some sort of the same style. This includes the lighting and the color of the actual building for some game that someone needs me to make.

Here’s what I want to achieve, color and light wise (including terrain):


What I have (Without anything added):


Important settings that I have:

  • ClockTime: 14.4
  • GeographicLatitude: 340
  • ColorShift_Tio: 0,0,0
  • Brightness: 2
  • Ambient: 0,0,0
  • OutdoorAmbient: 0,0,0

Colors of the objects:

  • Pillars and floor: 202, 203, 209 (Ghost grey) with texture: 232876874 (Slate Material)
  • Grass: 50, 66, 49
  • Dirt: 45, 41, 39 (Slate material)

I’ve always done good lighting before, but on this one, I’ve played around with colors, materials, and lighting settings and I’m giving up, I entire love how everything looks on his game, and I still haven’t finished the base of the map, but I’ll need to have the colors finished so that I can understand what else to add and just have everything looking nice and neatly while being semi-done.

Thank you, I can’t wait for your response.

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Everything else like building wise, terrain shape, and adding more materials, leave it to me, the only problem that I currently need fixed is a color palette that fits a similar style to the one that I’ve provided.

From my perspective, the person on youtube probably used Atmosphere + Future lighting. Can’t help much - i’m not a massive expert on this stuff - but I hope this at least pushes you in the correct direction

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First of all, that was dang fast, second of all, I do understand you and I know a few things he has used, but I don’t know how to recreate them myself, and third of all, thanks. :smiley:

Bored scrolling the forum lol

Probably (for Atmosphere Controls):
Color = Orange
Decay = Orange
Glare = 1
Haze = 0.7

Prob should experiment with them settings, as I said I’m no expert

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Something doesn’t feel right.

Maybe higher Haze/Density? From my experience it needs to be pretty high for it to really have an effect

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Maybe the colors are wrong? dude, I don’t know, I’m new to the atmosphere, and all of the new things that roblox has added, I remember the old Roblox when I had to just change a few settings and it looked good. :smile:

Honestly, same here bud

Light grey color and higher density? Starting to get quite clueless myself tbh

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Density: 0.49 higher than before (around .45)
Color: a bit brighter and going to the grey side

This feels like I’m in a dream and the sky is made of cotton candy.

His colors are more brown and soft…

I seriously need help. :laughing:
I’ve checked for many tutorials for lighting, and they don’t fit the style that I’m looking for.

Maybe try Color = Brown, Decay = Light Grey?

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I think the decay dominates more than the brown, the brown makes it seem black.
Also- shouldn’t we be focusing on the lighting settings instead of the atmosphere? cause it has to be a mixture of both, right? :thinking:

From my knowledge, atmosphere is the new FogEnd from pre-2020, I think you got the lighting correct though

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My lighting is pure black, there’s almost no tints of brown or orange, which I’m aiming for.

Lighting is confusing… I swear, Idk what to do.

How to make your lighting more realistic in shadowmap - Resources / Community Tutorials - Roblox Developer Forum
This might help, I know its for shadowmap but from my experience it works in Future aswell

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I did change a bit of colors, added color correction, and it looks more brownish, but still, I can’t find what I want… :thinking:

Now that I’m comparing the 2… I think he didn’t use a lot of Haze, his background seems as if it was an actual sky.

That definitely seems closer to the youtuber’s result, maybe reduce haze increase density?

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