Color not appearing on the mesh which is exported from Blender

I’m not a builder so my friend made the models in Blender, I exported as obj but when importing to Roblox Studio, color does not appear. It just becomes gray but its’ shape is as intended. Same problem happens on fbx too.

I think problem is with Studio because if I open it in Adobe Photoshop, everything is alright. When I export something that I made in studio and import the same thing on studio again, it is missing color and material too.

(Using Game Explorer - Meshes part to import and using Blender’s normal export part to export)


You have to set the texture for the mesh.
To do that open the meshPart properties, go to textureId and click on the folder at the right of the textureId box. There you can import your texture (the texture should have been exported with the mesh)


Well, there are only two things. One of them is obj and one of them is mtl.

The .mtl is the texture

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This happens if I try to upload mtl document to that TextureID.

Have you export the texture as a png file?

After a research I’ve found a video that explains everything pretty well:


Is this same for Blender 2.8x too?

Nope, I haven’t. (30 characters)

I think yes

Try exporting it as a png file and create a new asset from that to put in the TextureId.

You can’t export obj as a png.

No I mean the texture. Go in to the texture paint tab(if it is an image texture)
Click on the image and click save.

It’s not a custom texture, it’s material and color.

If so this one might help you: Importing with materials blender

fbx helped me, it gave the oppurtunity of re-coloring mesh parts or importing them seperately but unfortunetaly, materials still didn’t come with them.

OP, this has been covered many times on the forum. Please use the search function before asking a question, there are a few threads that was just asked. Have you consider checking out this topic with a solution:

I’ve already looked into them and none of them solved my problem.
It says “put the color on studio” but my tree has lots of parts to color and I’m trying to find a better solution.

Haha. I had the same issue. Use UV editing, textures. This video will help you but you need to be familiar with blender and pay attention.

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I’ll test it out when I have time to.