Color not showing in roblox studio

I’ve been learning blender for a week following tutorials and gradually learning, but now i’m trying to import meshes I make into roblox studio. But the color doesn’t show up its just gray. I’ve looked at other forums and videos, but none of them work.

Solutions I’ve tried: Using Fbx file, uploading it to the asset manager instead of the mesh part, various different exporting and importing tutorials.

The tree in blender
The tree in studio

My current theory is that roblox doesn’t allow blender materials to color in meshes, but it would really stink to redo the color (and learn the new way to do it) if there is a way to import it with the materials.

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It is possible to import the colors of a mesh from blender to Roblox. However, there is more than one way to do this. Because you are using a low-poly tree, the best solution would probably be to import the mesh into studio as separate parts, then use Roblox to color them individually. However, you could also use an image texture for your mesh colors and use the Texture Paint and UV Editing tabs of blender to make the colors of your mesh. Then, you would have to upload the texture image to Roblox as a decal and set the texture id property of your mesh to the asset id of the texture image. I apologize if this doesn’t make sense, but there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and even posts on the devforum explaining exactly how to do this if you have any trouble.

Also, there is no way to export full blender materials for now, just the colors.