Color Palette | Manage all your game's colors in a Single Popup!

The Color Palette

Hey there! This is a quick plugin I made earlier with the intent of making storing colors for your GUIs and builds easier! Personally, I am primarily a scripter, so I am not quite sure on just how useful this would be to builders across the platform, but my hope is that it can enhance your workflow in one way or the other! It can help speed up your workflow by easily allowing you to save and experiment with colors seamlessly and quickly! :smile: (The classes you are able to apply and save colors from are listed below!)
^ And yes, the plugin is free for all developers to use! :smiley:

How does it work?
This plugin allows you to save a specific part’s color value (with a variety of supported classes; that’s right, not just parts!), and then allows you to assign those colors to any selected parts! This allows you to easily designate a specific color scheme for your build, and allows you to easily apply this color scheme (and easily undo/redo and changes you prefer), for your projects!

How do I use it?
The widget opened from using the plugin allows you to “Add Color” the instances that you currently have selected (although, please note, you are only allowed to save the color of one instance at a time, in order to prevent it from getting easily flooded. You can then apply these colors to all selected instances (applying the colors does not have a limit of selected instances) by clicking the button associated with the color you want to be applied!

Essentially, you can select the instance of whose color you want to save, and in the bottom right corner of the GUI, a button will popup allowing you to save the instance’s color data!



  • The currently supported class types are: “Frame, UIStroke, TextLabel, TextButton, Part, MeshPart, UnionOperation, SpawnLocation, ImageLabel, ImageButton”
  • This plugin was made in only a few hours, so please report any bugs you find and I will be quick to fix them

If possible, I appreciate all advice about plugin creation and publishing updated that everyone has to offer , as this is my first publicly available plugin, so I need all the help I can get. Thank you in advance! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy!

Edit: Fixed my horrible spelling in the plugin’s title and GUI. :joy:

Have a great day! :wave:


This plug-in is very helpful when building and need to switch in between colors! Kudos
Great plug-in :+1:t4:

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Probably one of the most efficient and convenient plugins, not only does it work with building but it also does well with UI’s minus the frustration, well done! :clap:

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Update 0.0.1
Yep! You heard it right, we just released a huge update revamping and making changes to the plugin.
Not only is the plugin now more fully optimized for GUI development (more usable classes relating to guis), but a ton of bugs have been fixed! Go check it out.

Palette Generation
Yup! You heard me right, we’ve added a few color palettes that you can generate via the new “Generate” tab! These palettes have been specifically selected to have well contrasting and visually appealing colors, without strictly limiting you to a certain style! Currently, there are only very minimal palettes that can be generated, as we are custom creating the palettes in order to make sure they are visually appealing next to ROBLOX’s other common colors. Don’t worry though, we are adding more very soon!


We’ve just released a small few changes to the settings tab in order to allow you to fully clear all of your saved colors! And don’t worry, I’m planning to add more features to the settings tab very soon!


Bug Fixes
We’ve fixed a ton of bugs, including the hovering effect on the colors on your palette, and a few other bugs that negatively impacted the efficiency of the plugin. But don’t worry, they should all be fixed!

Remember to make sure to leave feedback and information regarding the plugin so we can fix and improve it to make it more useful for all!

And that’s all for now, thanks for your time!
Have a wonderful day! :wave:

Literally the best plugin in the world, saves SOOO much time. Imagine copy & pasting the color codes now? weird!

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Holy moly YES I usually shy away from custom colors cuz they hard to save but now I don’t have to :smiley:




Thanks, currently however, it can only generate a few color palettes, as I hand select the colors that can be generated so they match well both in game and on screen. Although, I’m planning to add many more very soon! :smiley:

Have a wonderful day! :wave: