Color picker appears on a different screen outside Studio window with more than one monitor

Describe the bug. Describe what is happening when the bug occurs. Describe what you would normally expect to occur.

  • I have three monitors. This only happens when you have more than one monitor. See below for my reasoning as to why this is a bad feature / bug.

Normally the Colour picker should open up next to the Colour button in Studio. See picture for normal behaviour: (not my image)

However, when I click the Colour button, the palette appears on a different screen (second monitor), not in the Studio window. When tested on 1 monitor, everything works fine.

How often does the bug happen (Everytime/sometimes/rarely)? What are the steps that reproduce the bug? Please list them in very high detail. Provide simple example places that exhibit the bug and provide description of what you believe should be the behavior.

-Happens every time
-To reproduce, just click the Studio colour button in the Home tab.
-Behavour should be that the palette appears near to the Button like the Material button.

Image of bug:

Where does the bug happen (www, gametest, etc) Is it level-specific? Is it game specific? Please post a link to the place that exhibits the issue.

  • Happens in any place open in Studio, specific to Studio.

Would a screenshot or video help describe it to someone? If so, post one
-Posted above.

For graphics bugs, it is sometimes helpful to know your system specs, especially graphics card.
Processor: i7-4790K
Graphics: XFX Radeon™ R7 370 graphics card
RAM: 16GB HyperX Fury Red DDR4
Disks: 512GB SSD Kingston + 2TB disk
Windows 10 Home
When did the bug start happening? If we can tie it to a specific release that helps us figure out what we broke.

Today 01/07/2018, first time I’ve used Studio in about a week

Anything else that you would want to know about the bug if it were your job to find and fix it.

  • It’s annoying especially for people recording Tutorials as they can’t record it happening on their second screen else the resolution of the video would be terrible.

my husband also has this issue with his

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I know the thread is old but it does still happen for me and it’s not fixed.

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This only happens if you have studio open on your non-primary monitor.

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