Color3 property widget should support HDR color values

This is half a feature request and half a bug report, because while the behavior of this “bug” is expected, I believe this should be adjusted.

With the introduction of HDR lighting into Roblox, it has been possible to get distinct lighting configurations when using RGB values above 255:


The Qt widget however, does not support RGB channel values outside the range of [0-255], instead choosing to render the color as black, as seen in the TintColor property I posted above.

When HDR colors like this are used, I think it would be useful if the color widget displayed the color value clamped back into that range. The logic to do so can be represented in Lua as such:

local function clampColor3(color)
    local max = math.max(1, color.R, color.G, color.B)
    return / max, color.G / max, color.B / max)

With this, the TintColor would ideally display out of range colors as they would appear in-game, instead of blanking our the color.