Colored Shadows Tutorial

Inspired by ArtBlox’s lighting system: I decided to test out a colored shadows system months ago, I was going to make a tutorial but entirely forgot about it. So here it is.

Future Lighting is recommended for this tutorial


Its easier to make a colored shadow if the lighting is coming straight ahead to the part that’s going to cast the shadow.
I suppose you already have a transparent colored block to cast the shadow so I’m going to be skipping that part.

It will probably look like this without any lighting.

All you need to do is insert a part, make it transparent, add a surface light to it casting to the bottom of it and place it directly above where the shadow would be.

By lowering the part transparency of the part that’s going to cast the colored shadow, you will be able to see where the shadow is. Match the colors, angle and range of the shadow and place it ontop of the blank areas. Make sure its high up in the air so it doesn’t interfere with players. Make sure shadows on the lighting are off

After you’re done, make the transparency lower so it casts a shadow, and it’ll look something like this.

If you have any questions I’m willing to answer them. Thanks for taking the time to read this tutorial.


This is a cool tutorial, but it seems like it would be possible to automate this with scripts too.


If you want to try, be my guest.

Wait, so to make this work you have to put a surface light into the part or into the “air”?

Into the air.


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