Colored Starter Character

TLDR: i need help figuring out how to color specific limbs from the “Game Settings” tab.

I need help for a simple thing, i want to make it so when someone joins into the game, they are all the same avatar, i know all of these settings are in the game settings, and i already have them set to one rig type and size, but i need help with the coloring, is the t-shirt system the only thing i can do, or can i change individual limbs to a color

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If you want all of the players who join your game to have the same character, insert a StarterCharacter inside of StarterPlayer, and then color all of the parts you want.

You can get or make a character and then just rename it to this specifically StarterCharacter and put it in StarterPlayer. This will set the starter character to that model.

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i was also thinking of possibly adding a function to randomize the color on the torso portion, what would i do then?

Add a server script and put this

               char:WaitForChild("Torso").Color = Color3.FromRGB(math.Random(1, 255), math.Random(1, 255), math.Random(1, 255))
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i’m not sure i put the script in the right place because it didn’t change the basic torso color.

it needs to be a server script and it doesn’t really matter where you put it.

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i ran into a syntax with the code:

ServerScriptService.Script:5: attempt to call a RBXScriptSignal value

Here is the code:

Ran = math.random(1, 255)

	print("Found Player")
		print("Found Character")
		char:WaitForChild("Torso").BrickColor ="New Yeller")
		print("Changed Color?")


it only came back printing “Var”

that’s because you’re trying to wait until the Players service loads its character.
game.Players does not have a character

        character["Body Colors"].TorsoColor = BrickColor.random()

that just breaks my heart when I see that

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Godzilla had a stroke readin that


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