Colors not appearing on my meshpart?

Before anything, I put an image texture on my meshpart, doing that, the image texture should be shown in roblox studio I believe, like this meshpart I made:
Recently, I made a meshpart and when I first put it in, the image texture is shown, when I left the studio and came back, the color is completely gone. I had thought it was weird since everything else loaded in. So, I uploaded the meshpart again and the color was there, left the studio, came back and it happened again. I’d like to know how to fix this, thanks! Also worth noting is that when I try to color the meshpart in the studio with the colors, it doesn’t show up either.


Common issue, it is not your mesh, your decal ID might have been blocked from Roblox by their Algorithms for some weird reason, sometimes that might happen even if the Texture of image is nothing bad for the community its just their algorithms.

Re uploading it its not gonna work because since it is already blocked it will be uploaded blocked automatically.

A quick workaround for this is go to paint or photoshop and paint some really small pixels of black or another color and it will go approval again.


I put the image texture on through Blender. I figured out that putting it on Blender and exporting it to Roblox Studio, the texture stays. I didn’t upload a decal or anything. sorry if i missed anything while reading it

A decal of the texture is uploaded by default onto roblox. The texture/decal itself probably got moderated is what he is saying.

The same goes for shirts/pants/ugc hats/accessories as well.

thanks for letting me know, im not too good with how it works.

Exporting from blender, will remove paint and material type. You have to create a wrap of the model and save that. I believe it’s called a texture wrap? It basically makes an image of the paint and all that, and then when you import the mesh into studio, you have to also add the image to it. I’m poor at explaining this, but I am certain that when you export from blender, you can either export/import pieces individually and paint them in studio, or export as a whole and use a image wrap

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