ColorSequence editor: selection moving to first keypoint

I am trying to set a color sequence attribute using the built-in picker/editor.

When I change a keypoint, the selected keypoint moves off the desired keypoint to the first keypoint:

(When I move the color too far from the initial click, the keypoint selected changes to the first one.)

I tried searching this problem up and looked through the studio bug reports. I couldn’t find anything.

If anyone knows how to solve this I would appreciate the help. I need to be able to set ColorSequences for my game.


  • ColorSequence editor for ColorSequence attributes
  • Mac with Silicon chip
  • First noticed today, 4/3/2023 @ 4:25 PM GMT-7

The picker works when using a mode that doesn’t require dragging (like hsv selection). All dragging actions cause the selected keypoint to change to the first one.

If the bug shown above doesn’t happen, it also gets stuck: the colored box labeled “Color” gets stuck with a red selection and doesn’t respond to clicks.

If anyone else is having this problem please lmk and we can post a bug report.