ColorWheel System in Studio

Most of us have used the Color chart or whatever the name was inside studio when we are coloring a UI element, a part or mesh, and especially terrain. But have you wondered if there was a way to have external colors on a circle instead of a square, ColorWheel could be an option when you’re working on coloring some objects in studio?

We all have seen a Color Chart before when picking a color for something like in PaintNet, studio, websites, and maybe discord to change a discord role or something, all of these sources/apps have a ColorWheel option except Studio. Roblox Studio has some sort of Color Chart that has been running for a couple of years now, which myself isn’t finding much interest in it and seeing that most of the chart is a primary and secondary color mixed with a hint of white, that is why I dislike it.

Why did you suggest this in the first place? Well simple: I managed some plans from friends of mine and myself and did a bit of research, so here are my points:

  • First, it displays a relationship between each color on the ColorWheel and how they contrast with each other like from Red to Blue and to Green with other colors to choose from.

  • Second, it also helps out the artist yourself and others on Secondary, Primary, and Tertiary colors onto the wheel like when a mixture of colors are combined that turn into a specific color given, or maybe the infinite tones that are on the ColorWheel yet to be discovered or created.

  • Third and last point, It can also display a temperature of the color that you have chosen while you, the developer, is making meshes and UI elements into extraordinary colors on the ColorWheel, but you couldn’t on the Color Chart inside studio because of it having mostly bright colors in the middle and at the bottom a bit.

Here are some images between the standard Color picker in Roblox Studio and a ColorWheel commonly used on some websites:

Studio Color and ColorWheel:


GIF of what they each do:

One thing that I find odd about the default Studio Color Chart is that most primary colors and secondary colors are mostly going from a bright tone at the top to a light-colored tone of that specific color like you can see with the Green and Blue, it is confusing for what color it could be and how 65% of the Chart is just that color alone.

If Roblox is able to address this feature, it would improve my development experience because I could expand more Color Choices on a different Color picker system. From what I see from this, it’s a nice opportunity to open up a way to use color on studio.

So, any thoughts on this being a feature?