Colossus Legends - Update Log



  • Trading! You can now trade items and gold with other players in the lobby!
  • All items are now bank-able!
  • New 2x EXP game pass!
  • Raid teles have been rearranged into level 1+, level 25+ and level 50+


  • New Christmas Raid! (Winter 2020!/Level 15+)
  • New Shadow spell! (Kagune)
  • Limited time Christmas items!
  • New Christmas mount!(Reindeer)
  • Za Warudo(Shadow spell coming soon)


  • New Level 1+ raid! (Molten Temple!)
  • New Ruined Knight Armor set!
  • 2 new swords with specials and 1 new scythe!
  • All items are now bankable!
  • bug fixes


  • New event drop items! (4th of July sword and Firework Blaster!)
  • New Sword Spec icons!
  • New Hotbar ui for tools 1-5
  • New HP, Stamina and Mana Ui’s
  • New Colossus Loot drop Ui
  • Menu screen Ui update


  • New Star Forged armor set has been added!
  • New range weapon! “Zaphkiel” (6 specs)
  • Alpha Sword will be awarded to all of the alpha players after playing a round!


  • New Easter Event! Collect eggs by defeating enemies! Then use the eggs to purchase parts of the Easter Blade in the lobby!


  • 3 New raid drops were added to Rosetta!
  • New Ebony armor set was added to the shop!
  • Lifes have been removed and replaced with a new revive system! If you or another team mate runs out of HP you’ll get a notification that they need to be recovered. From there you have 30 seconds to get to him and revive him.(+50 Gold and +1 Revive if successful)
  • New Free Falling/Skydiving parkour mechanic! After double jumping press “R” to activate it!
  • Magic attacks that blow up such as Lightning Bomb will now move to where the target hits when it explodes!
  • Fixed issues with faces #10-20
  • New BDay code! You can find it on my Twitter! The code will expire on 3/23/20!
  • Bug patches to the menu/raid drop ui’s


  • New wall jumping parkour mechanics + fixes to the parkour script
  • Raid objective ui will now update to the right place when pressing the “Join the Battle” button on the menu screen!
  • Home Ui is disabled during raid cutscenes to prevent camera issues!
  • Sword special ui countdown bug has been patched! If you ever run into the issue just go to Menu, Character, then exit the menu!
  • Updates to Lost Kingdom, Dungeon Valley and Ashborne Colossus! Now getting near those colossus’ feet while they’re walking will cause your player to get flung back a tiny bit


  • New Sword Special Ui w/ reload time!
  • New clothes and face options!
  • All items are now sellable in the sell items frame of the shop!
  • Bug patches!


  • New Crimson Staff w/Explosion!
  • 4 New shop items were added!
  • Players with the extra invy game pass now have 75 slots in the bank!


  • Colossus Legends recently hit 10 million place visits! To celebrate we added a brand new code! Use code “10MVISITS” for a free Flame Staff! The code will be expiring in 1 week so enter it soon!


  • New “Excalibur” blade has been added with a special!
  • New “Hero’s” armor set has been added to the shop
  • A buff for all 2h weapons
  • A new run animation for 2h swords
  • A new 3rd combo attack animation

Christmas event has started! We’ve added 7 new drops to Icicle Tundra, 4 of them are Christmas event items


  • New Winter Raid has been added to the Level 50+ Raids!(6 new drops!)
  • 2 New Craft-able items have been added!(Frost Scythe + Frost Bow)
  • Raid Voting has been brought back! You can now vote for the raid you want to do by clicking the image of the raid at the raid teles!


  • Mobile support update! it includes;
    • Mobile players can now spawn/ride their own horse!
    • Mobile players can now activate sword specials!
  • Raids will now spawn more mobs if you have more players in your party/raid!
  • New inventory ui update!


  • Phantom Scythe now has a special!
  • New Colossus has been added to the Matsumae raid along with a re vamp for the entire raid!
  • New Thanksgiving code!


  • Shadow magic has been added to the game!


  • New Item bank added to the lobby!


  • Cursed Island raid!
  • Halloween event!(16 event items!)
  • Halloween themed lobby!