Colour banding from surfaceguis

I’m trying to replicate this effect from this video on roblox

I’m getting some weird colour banding from this, and I can’t seem to find any setting to change to fix this.

The image above is implemented using SurfaceGuis and imagelabels.
Using decals, the colour banding is almost unnoticable. Decals also produce some black artifacts from blending, which I don’t like.

Textures produce the same result as decals.

Is there any option to fix the colour banding, or to fix the black produced from blending in decals and textures? Or is my best option to declare the black artifacts as a stylistic choice?

To fix black outlines, fill transparent pixels with GREEN (in your situation) TRANSPARENT color. so, in RGBA it will be: 0, 255, 0 255
This problem comes because roblox blends nearby 9 pixels together. And their colors too. Even if they are transparent.

Either my image editor or roblox doesn’t like fully transparent pixels to be non-black, so I gave them the lowest possible transparency instead.

It’s your image editor, because my “” (<- not link) works fine with transparent pixels (but it’s problematic a bit to set their color anyway)

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