Column & Mirror Method

How do you create columns that have small but good detail? Kind of like these


You would use smaller move increments like .125, 0.0625, 0.03125, and 0.015625.


I personally use F3X when I build.
A simple guide for how you could do this is by creating a base cuboid.
Duplicate the cuboid and make it really thin and then resize it slightly so that it is slightly wider than the base cube. Once you drag that down onto the base cuboid it should fit nicely inside it and give those small edges that you’re after.

You can change the “Increment” option in F3X which changes how many increments it moves when you move/resize an object. Setting this option to 0.0001 will allow you to create some really accurate, small shapes.

You can change the size and the amount of duplicates you use to create multiple edges/layers like in the image above. Hope this helps!

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Wouldn’t you just disable increments entirely? I mean, why would you set it to 0.015625 if you can simply disable increments completely?

Disabling increments is something I would never ever do. It’s just a recipe for misaligned parts.


0.015625 will create something misaligned as well. I understand your point.

Although I use 0.015625 very rarely, It’s still working on a grid. Thanks for understanding! :smiley:

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0.125 is small enough for anything you’d ever want to do - just scale your builds down if you need to.