COMBAT 99 | Information


COMBAT 99 started development on 2023-04-10T07:00:00Z. This project is in its very early stages, and I am working to the best of my ability to make what you see now even better later.


This post was made a bit later after COMBAT 99 started development. Update logs only go as far back as April 21st, 2023.

April 27th, 2023


  • Buffed double jump power
  • Buffed fists
  • Tweaked after-round camera
  • More character effects
  • Forward punching no longer elevates character if on ground
Gameplay should feel way faster and more fluid now.
April 25th, 2023


  • Added character dash effect on certain movements
  • Added floor sweep mechanic when attempting to punch downward while grounded
  • Added double jump

Bug Fix

  • Fixed character flinging when punching into a ground or roof
April 23nd, 2023


  • Controller support
  • Shields can now be damaged
  • You can no longer move or take knockback while shielding
  • You can now get stunned after shield break [stun currently lasts 7 seconds]
April 22nd, 2023


  • Added cursor around character
  • Added crouching and air diving
  • More noticeable damage indicator effects
  • Fixed wall jumping

Bug fixes

  • 16:9 aspect ratio should now apply on startup
  • Death border now kills 100% of the time
April 21st, 2023


  • Changed character hitbox
  • Added better damage indicator effects
  • Added more testing maps
  • Added more character animations
  • Added out of bounds death border
  • Added new after-round camera
  • Removed character air flinging

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed character twitching — revamped character rotation system
  • Fixed server breaking when only one player remains in server — restarts server when #Players:GetPlayers() == 1
  • Fixed ragdoll collisions — both server and client handle ragdolls now
  • Fixed damage indicator not showing up after a few rounds — effects are deleted after use, will switch to recycling in the future

Discovered Bugs

Any bugs listed are contemporary.

  • Characters can shield immediately after punching
  • Characters can punch through thin parts e.g. 1 stud platforms
  • Characters sometimes keep their velocity on round start
  • Characters sometimes keep their weapon rotation on round start
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