Combat but skill matters

So basically,I plan on making a simple hand 2 hand combat system but I want to make it where skill matters. For example, in roblox bedwars, skill with swords matter, but idk hwo to do taht. The type of combat I make is kind of just luck tbh. How would you guys recommend making combat have skill involved and not just whoever hits first .

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Parries, dodges, aiming, timing, etc. Lots of ways to implement it.

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how do u add timing tho, thats the th8in8g i dont get

Depends entirely on how your melee system is constructed and what you want timing for. For example, if it’s punches, then you either have your melee punch raycast forward from the punchers hand, applying damage when fist reaches the enemy. Or it could be animation based, only applying damage at the very end of the animation if in contact with the enemy. If it’s the last situation, you can only add timing in terms of parries, but if its the first, you can modify how much damage the puncher does depending on if it’s a full swing, quarter swing, half-swing, etc, before contact.

For parries, you add a parry mechanic however you wish it to work, then check whether the person being hit was parrying at the time of the punch or not.

So for parries, its basically if someone clicks block and someone connects w them within 0.5-1 second sof them blocking or sum its a “perfect block” and it parries or essentially stuns the attacker and gives knockback. Also I think movement is a good way to add skill so like make the sideways type of movement thing that Ive seen combat games have, and maybe maps where parkour is possible so people can strategically assault people but that may be to much.

So my thing is going to be a hitbox attatched to my player thats 0.25 or sum in front of htem and welded to the hand so it goes in the hands directions and if its touc hed while player has “attacking” checked then ill do sum damage does that work?

Yes that’s one way of doing it.

Is it a good way of doing it and just as effective? i think its better cause u pick up more

But then parries would be wierd

It’s an alright way of doing it. With your solution, parries won’t be weird if you’re not using raycasts, but if you are, then it’s a really bad idea to have the part be too much bigger than the player.

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