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Update Log

If the game was shutdown and the update log has not been updated, it most likely means the shutdown was for minor fixes/improvements

v0.5.1 / May 28th 2022

  • Added Heavy Bow
  • New Odachi animations
  • Added Gas Can w/ Matchbox
  • Added Throwable Kunai
  • Added Club
  • New cosmetic icons

Update Archive

v0.5.0 / May 13th 2022
  • XBOX support
  • Added VC only servers in server list
  • Gold gamepass renamed + added more benefits
    Sign-on bonus of 1,500 Aether, 4,000 Credits, and 8,000 XP
    3x XP (stacks with Vanguard)
    3x map votes (stacks with Vanguard)
  • New C4 utility (yes, you can stick C4 to people)
  • New Dual Hatchets animations
  • New Greataxe animations
  • New swing sounds for every melee weapon
  • New Bardiche Glory Kill
  • All utility items remodeled
  • Improved and nerfed sliding
  • Radio remodeled & can now equip skins/enchants in Loadout page
  • RPG remodeled
  • Made menu to join friends when joining the game (if any friends are in-game)
  • Made setting to adjust swing reset delay
  • Crowbar remodeled
  • Some new kill effect/enchant icons
  • Added fly command to private servers
  • Fixed sounds playing at full volume from across the map
  • Fixed exploit that prevented people from spawning
  • Fixed infinite glory kill
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
  • UI improvements
  • /getCat
v0.4.0 / April 22nd 2022
  • Sliding system prototype
    Must sprint for a short amount of time or dash to charge up slide velocity
  • Added every 2 kills restores a used utility item
  • Added injured sprint/walk/idle animations when low hp
  • Made camera follow your torso when glory killing
  • Improved Smoke Grenade
  • New revive animations
  • Added different stand up animation when ragdolled face-down
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
v0.3.2 / April 8th 2022
  • Added Custom Parry Colors gamepass
  • Improved parry VFX
  • Added 2x XP on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (CST time zone)
  • New crouching animations
  • New downed animations
  • Improved Bo Staff glory kill
  • New equip animations for utility
  • New flourish animations for Brute Mace and Fire Axe
  • General improvements to Longbow
  • Added fast-respawn mechanic after dying
  • Made it so molotov fire cannot go on walls anymore
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
v0.3.1 / March 30th 2022
  • Added mobile button editing/customization
  • Fixed mobile buttons on Tablet
  • Improved parry networking code, players are now guaranteed to stand still immediately after they’re parried
  • Flourish animations remade for Bardiche, Battle Axe, Flamberge, and Spear
  • Fixed some footstep sounds not working
  • Fixed screen zooming in when jumping while sprinting
  • Increased hp after revive/self-revive by 10
  • Added new free emote “/e default”
  • Other various bug fixes and improvements
v0.3.0 / March 26th 2022
  • Mobile support
    Optional mobile-only servers (only shows up in the server list for mobile users)
  • Other minor improvements/fixes
v0.2.3 / March 18th 2022
  • New ranged animations
  • New melee animations
    Bo Staff
    Brute Mace
    Fire Axe
    Battle Axe
  • Fixed/adjusted melee animations
    Dragon Slayer
  • Made it so you cannot move/rotate while parried
  • Improved first person viewmodel slightly
  • Adjusted some melee models slightly
  • Made ranged weapons and throwables not point at the ground whilst crouching/sprinting
  • New legendary orange neon skin
  • Other minor various bug fixes and improvements
  • Other stuff I forgot
v0.2.2 / March 4th 2022
  • New melee animations
    Dragon Slayer
    Dual Daggers
  • Added skull UI animation when getting a kill
  • Made camera follow your character when you’re getting glory killed
  • Improved parry hit visuals slightly
  • Improved melee hit screen visuals slightly
  • Improved getting damaged screen visuals slightly
  • Increased interval to get killstreaks from 5 seconds → 10 seconds
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Other stuff I forgot
v0.2.1 / January 30th 2022
  • Improved kill notifier
  • Added parry sparks
  • Made parry stars smaller
  • Melee/ranged hits now show up for others on dead characters
  • Added new glory kill for Fists [prototype]
  • Slightly improved server list matchmaking
  • Other stuff I forgot, this was just a small update I decided to do after taking a break for a few weeks to get into the swing of things so I didn’t note things down
v0.2.0 / January 11th 2022
  • In-game server browser
  • Minor improvements and fixes
v0.1.0 / December 27th 2021
  • Clan system [prototype]
  • Glory kill system [prototype]
    Press “G” on a nearby player who is downed or is 5hp away from being downed
  • 3 new weapons
    Scimitar, Shikomizue, Glaive
  • Most weapons remodeled
  • Bug fixes
  • Other stuff I forgot (hopefully I stop writing this in the future as I adapt to a better workflow)
v0.0.8-c / November 12th 2021
  • Leaderboard improvements
  • Server limit reverted back to 100
  • Voice chat disabled
  • New proximity prompt UI
  • Toast notifications
  • Reverted melee trails
  • Bug fixes
v0.0.8-b / November 10th 2021
  • Enabled voice chat
  • Dual Machetes & Spear remodeled
  • Radio visibility behavior changed
    Toggling the “Hide Radio” setting will now hide your radio regardless if it is playing or not
  • Reverted grenade trails
  • Fixed bear trap hit detection
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance optimizations
  • Other stuff I forgot
v0.0.8 / November 8th 2021
  • Khopesh & Dual Hammers remodeled
  • Trails of melee weapons improved
  • More accurate and performant hit detection for fire and bear traps
  • Hitboxes expanded on some light weapons
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Blood increased for melee hits
  • Lowered chances for limb dismemberment w/ melee weapons slightly
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance optimizations
  • Other stuff I forgot
v0.0.7 / October 24th 2021
  • Weapon order re-arranged
  • Most weapons re-modeled
  • You can only lethally crit someone with melee if they will be downed after the hit
  • If you successfully land a parry, you will be able to parry again instantly (you can do consecutive parries now)
  • Day/night cycle for Outpost Island [experimental] [suggested]
    Day/night cycles will be added to other maps if wanted by the community
  • Bonfire in Outpost Island catches you on fire [suggested]
  • Added some new legendary skins [suggested]
  • Added command bar under chat (press “;” to enable) [suggested]
  • Added parry cooldown indicator [suggested]
  • You can no longer reset while parried [suggested]
  • Anti-cheat improvements
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes
v0.0.6 / September 24th 2021
  • New map: “Outpost Island”
    I know the bonfire doesn’t make you catch on fire but I will add this in a future update since I don’t have time currently
  • New low/mid tier weapons: “Baton” and “Golf Club”
  • Emote wheel (press Z to open)
  • Minor UI improvements
    Viewportframes are now rotatable (3D UI)
  • You can only damage a person who is being carried if you attack them from behind, if you attack from the front, they will be dropped
  • Range to finish/execute someone has been increased on the Dragon Slayer
    I have not changed the finish/execution ranges of other weapons but I will do it in the future
  • Other stuff I forgot
v0.0.5 / August 24th 2021
  • Remade parry so it looks instantaneous on your screen instead of it being delayed by ping. The hit detection method for parries has not changed but I made this change so your timing does not get messed up by the delays. You may experience some people hitting you through your parry now if you have higher ping. Also added a purple hitmarker if you land the parry on your screen
  • Added crouching (no walking animation yet, my animator did not finish it :/)
  • Added experimental sounds to Flamberge
  • Added footstep sounds
  • Improved side kick player detection and made the hitbox slightly bigger
    (If you are not aware of the side kick feature, it is a feature where if you press “Q” while facing a parried player, you can kick them and ragdoll/knock them back)
  • You can’t hit people through walls with melee weapons anymore
  • You cannot reset during a nuclear warhead anymore
  • Refactored state management (this is more of a backend change so you won’t really see it, the reason I mentioned this is because some bugs may pop up because of this)
  • Improved UI
  • General improvements
v0.0.4 / August 10th 2021
  • Ghost Potion and Bandages now drop when used
  • Improved molotov particles
  • Improved explosion particles
  • Improved smoke particles
  • Minor UI improvements
  • New loading screen
  • Fixed arrows not being able to go through water
  • Fixed delay when executing certain commands in private servers
  • Attempted fix for dash bug that allowed players to fling themselves upwards
  • Bug fixes
  • Other general improvements
v0.0.3 / July 14th 2021
  • Added daily quests
  • Refactored player data system completely (not really noticeable for players but some bugs may arise from this)
  • Minor UI improvements
  • New settings button on bottom-right when you spawn in
  • Flamberge animations remade (let me know your opinions in Communications server)
  • Performance fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Other stuff I forgot
v0.0.2 / June 30th 2021
  • Added more private server commands
  • Improved blood slightly
  • Made reviving quicker
  • Made it so you can’t die from hp drain if someone is reviving you while you’re downed
  • Performance fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Other stuff I forgot
v0.0.1 / June 23rd 2021
  • Added heart-icon indicator above characters when they’re downed
  • Increased blood pool size variation
  • Blood performance improvements (thanks PartCache!)
  • Buffed DragonSlayer damage to 54
  • Buffed ColossalGreatsword damage to 50
  • Kill notifiers now show in Private Servers
  • Kills/assists/score for rounds are now recorded in Private Servers
  • Added new drowning detection system (should be more accurate and overall better)
  • Added temporary fix for CTRL + Shiftlock camera tilt bug
  • Added new Private Server commands
    showUsernames on/off
    utilityItems on/off
    givePsPerms playerName
    removePsPerms playerName
    respawn playerName
    freeze playerName
    unfreeze playerName


Icon Credits

  • Icons made by Payungkead from FlatIcon
  • Icons made by Lorc from Game-icons
  • Icons made by Skoll from Game-icons
  • Icons made by Delapouite from Game-icons
  • Icons made by Dighital from FlatIcon
  • Icons made by hirschwolf from FlatIcon

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