Combine bug report wizard into one page

As a Roblox developer, it currently takes too long to post a bug report.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because posting bug reports is my primary use of the DevForums. There are too many steps involved in the report process, mainly coming from the several pages required to click through to post one report.


Hey @Usering thanks for your patience on this. We’re currently planning out improvements to how creators submit feedback and get responses from us on that feedback.

One of the main themes we’re looking into is removing as many friction points and fields for the user as possible; and auto-filling steps based on what we can automatically extract from the device and context that you are reporting the issue from.

Totally agree that multi-page surveys are a frustrating user experience. We’ll take this along on planning.

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Hey @Usering we just shipped an update to take the wizard from 4 pages to just 2:

  • first page to select the category of the issue (1 dropdown)
  • second page to provide information (title, describe the issue, some optional boxes)

We also drastically reduced the number of fields and removed fields that were tedious to fill out as a user. (impact/frequency/datetime fields) Text fields have been reduced in character requirement from 300 to 30. Visual clutter has been removed.

We still needed to have 2 pages because we use the result of the first page to tweak the second page to only show necessary content for the type of issue you are reporting. This is a limitation of the software we’re using for this currently.

Let me know if this addresses your concerns sufficiently.

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