Combining 2 meshes together Can it be done?

Is there a way to combine 2 meshes together and make it into 1 mesh on Roblox? beside doing it in blender because I gave the color and texture on Roblox so I cant combine the 2 meshes together in blender and import them back because each one have to be different texture and colors from Roblox Studio

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Uhhh no

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You could weld them together.


you have to rebake the textures when you combine the 2 meshes in blender because roblox doesnt support meshes with more than one texture.


Via ROBLOX, it is impossible to do such a task. In order to combine the meshes, you would HAVE to do it through Blender or some other mesh software.

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No I can’t weld them because I want to do it for a Gun to then animate it so I would not have to move 2 parts because they are not the same measurements so the rotation will be different…

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If you want to animate two meshes, merging them prevents just that.

Roblox animations works by using Motor6D instances to weld the parts (meshparts), then adjusting the offset & rotation between them.

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A mesh in Roblox is static, as you cannot manipulate vertices or other such data - if you look at how R15 works, that’s also a bunch of MeshParts, and not just 1 or 5 meshparts.
Animating the offset / rotation can be done either by using Roblox’s animation system, or a custom animation system (CFrame-based)

If your two meshes are directly attached to each other, welding them or using blender/other modelling software, as mentioned in other replies, would solve your issue. Otherwise keep them separate meshparts and use a Motor6D or CFrame them to animate the offset/rotation.

No, as far as I know though.

I think he means he wants to animate them together as one mesh. (For example, a tire and rim will rotate together as one fluid piece.)

His problem seems to stem from the fact they are two meshes that aren’t quite meant to be together, and because they are at different measurements in sizing, the animations will have slightly different measurements to go along with it.

As for the OP. Either try to make do with the 2 meshes, or you’ll have to import them into Blender, and then combine them into one solid mesh, and then make a whole brand new UV Map for that new mesh. Either way is gonna require a lot of work, so it’s a matter of where you want to do all that work. ROBLOX or Blender.

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I was going to suggest using vertex groups, but Roblox doesn’t support that either.

But it’s worth noting that you can stack textures on top of each other by using a normal part with a mesh object inside of it, as well as a decal, as opposed to having a mesh part, that way you can also have the alpha channel of the texture respect the underlying color of the object.


Sorry haven’t been on lately and I think my only option is to try and animate it and do the best I can because it will be a pain to match Roblox texture and color

When using texture over a texture it tend to glitch(overlap each other depend what position you look at it) and it will end up looking bad. I don’t think it will be possible to add a two different texture in 1 mesh

Precisely the point some people made. You can’t double texture a singular mesh. It’ll get messed up. So if you take two meshes, and hash them into one mesh (using Blender or 3DS Max or whatever) you have to give it a new UV Map (texture map.)


Hi, I have 3 to 4 meshes I want to combine into one and each one has a different texture. Wouldn’t I go over 10k triangles doing this method?

It will depend on much triangles the meshes are using. For you to know if they exceed the 10k you have to put them in the 3D software such as Blender then check the Triangle count.

Hope this helps

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