Combining the good parts of spherical and cylindrical colliders?

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So I’ve been working on a driving game chassis. An issue I’ve faced since starting off my chassis has been wheel collisions. The main drawbacks to “Ball” and “Cylinder” wheels are listed below:

Main issues with each shape

Spherical / Ball-shaped wheels

  • Known to our community as the “wall hug bug”, vehicles collide with walls when they actually shouldn’t be, and so the colliding front tire steers towards the wall. This is because wheels are sticking out from the side.
  • Vehicles tend to roll on their sides more.

Cylindrical wheels

  • Vehicles jump sometimes, as noted here.

  • Vehicles tend to jump / bounce whilst turning, and turning isn’t as smooth. If you manage buying the game, I experimentally used cylindrical wheels on the “Relying Finch” and “Rolet Camero Z1”.

I could use spherical wheels and push them further in, but this makes vehicles feel weightless and generally aren’t as fun to drive, alongside other issues pertaining to an overly narrow wheelbase.

What would be the best way to fix these?

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You could create convex spheroid collision meshes that would follow the shape of a tire with the curved edges and set the fidelity to hull. You’ll get pretty much the same result as spherical wheels, but with less wall collision issues.

The main reason cylinders jump is because of the sharp edges giving the same result as trying to push a box on gravel.

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Thank you! I’ll try this out soon and let you know what happens :+1:

Do you mean something of this sort?

Almost, making it a bit wider would help. Also, give it a lot of central surface, otherwise it will bounce to the sides a bit.

What do you mean by central surface? Sorry, kinda braindead right now.

tirecollision.fbx (29.8 KB)
I made a simple model of what I meant. Might be a bit low detail, but might work just fine.

Thank you! Really sorry, not good with building and meshing stuff etc. Lol

I just made a bunch of symmetrical circles in Blender and used bridge loops (Ctrl+E to open edge tools menu) between each.

Thanks for letting me know! :smiley:

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