Combo Click Help

So I am trying to make a combo clicker and basicly I want to make it where if player doesnt click the button for lets say X seconds how will I make that. I got the combo and clicking part I just don’t know how to reset the combo after a certain amount of time.

That doesnt work cause you still have to press the clicking gui multiple times

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So you can record the time they clicked the first time using a few options.

os.time will give you an accurate second count since a certain date.

local firstClick = os.time()

Then I would throw in a check to make sure that the time limit hasn’t been reached.

if os.time() - firstClick < 30 then -- 30 being 30 seconds after
    --Count the click.

You could also throw in a wait(30) and after the timer us up you can reset.

If you have any questions let me know.

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