Combo Script not working

So to give you more information, I’ll make a 3 sentence long explanation about this issue. So there’s a combo script located in the serverscriptservice where it detects if the combo value has increased and make the combo text visible. And theres also this hitbox script where it damages a player and increases the combo value. It actually works, but when I respawn or die, the script ceases to work, the value of the combo value still increases, but the gui does not appear in the player’s screen.

This is the combo script that is placed in the Serverscriptservice:

	local char = player.Character
	local Combo = char:WaitForChild("Values").ComboCount
		if NewValue >= 0 then
			player.PlayerGui.VisualEffects.Combo.Visible = true
			player.PlayerGui.VisualEffects.Combo.Text = NewValue.." Hits!"
			if Combo.Value == NewValue then
				Combo.Value = 0
				player.PlayerGui.VisualEffects.Combo.Visible = false

This is the script where the combo values increases:

		MainCHR.Values.ComboCount.Value = MainCHR.Values.ComboCount.Value + 1

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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You should add CharacterAdded below the Player Added cause player added only works when the player joins

Thanks it works perfectly now.

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