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The Booth Center

You wanted a new game like Group recruiting plaza? We got it!
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  • About the game
    – :mag_right: Find interesting booths with cool games
    – :tada: Hangout with people you just met
    – :handshake: Become friends with New and interesting people

I dont think this game will do well. The game is good, but there’s no reason for people to come here, when they can just play group recruiting plaza.

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I found a little grammar mistake here, and the game is pretty well designed. I am sure with more full servers the game would be fun!

Edit: I also cant seem to be able to rent a booth.

i hope the game gets servers filled lol

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The game looks nice but I can’t close the booth settings gui and the proximity prompt says β€œGEt booth” instead of β€œGet Booth”.

Game was made in under 2 hours, there will be a few bugs,

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