Comet Dodge [Devlog #2]

If you didnt read my first devlog you can do it here:

So a lot changed, lets start:

New Icons:

The yellow one is a star (coins but I changed the name)
The white one is a repair kit (medkit but I changed the name because it fits better)
And the blue one is the shield.

The player controls a space ship now

This is how comets look like now.

  • Wave System
    Instead of tracking your survive time, its now tracking waves.
    The waves get harder and longer every time you survive one (get longer every 5 rounds, harder every like 2 rounds)

  • Countdown
    After pressing “start” a countdown will start and start counting from 3, before starting the game.

  • Classic mode
    You can still play the old “classic” game that I showed in my first devlog, and you can also still view the global stats for it in the main menu, but I recommend to play the new mode, because the classic one will not get any updates anymore.

New UI

Whats planned next:

  • Particles
  • Wave Shop, you can spend your stars to buy weapons and upgrade your ship
  • Developer Products, example if you die you can respawn
  • Different comet types
  • Player skins
  • New & More sound effects

Let me know what you think about the game :slight_smile:

Play it here:


To be honest I don’t know if I should continue develop the game or not because I’m not sure if people on Roblox would play a game like this or not.


fun game! add a tp screen though.


Pretty fun, Slick idea. The hitbox kinda big though.


Yea the hitbox is really big, but I dont think that I will continue working on the game because I’m not sure if players would play it