[Coming soon] UGC Oni mask

Its been a while since i posted a showcase here. but stuff been quite busy recently.

I finished sculpting this oni mask and i’m about to do the retopo. but i’m proud of the work and wanted to do a quick showcase render for it.

This is gonna be a ugc mask soon. so feel free to suggest me ideas for a texture style if you want. what do you guys think of this so far ?


Wow! It looks amazing and definetly gonna wear this, as for the texture i think a red/black texture would look alright, but im not the best so lol.

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Model looks great. I’m thinking yellow/gold teeth, and the fine creases and details in black or in a darker version of the primary colour. As a primary colour, it could be velvet red, a blend of cyan and light blue, or a lighter purple.

It looks great! Can you make red and blue?

Woah! This is really cool! Great job.

I do like effort for the mask. But the texture is a little bland. Try to make the teeth either silver or pink. Overall, it looks great.

its not textured yet lol. this is just a model showcase

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Wow very nice! can’t wait until it gets uploaded! Hype

Isn’t it too heavy for Roblox?

Awesome work, I would buy this for 200R or more!

nope. mesh is already retopologized and got it under 700 verts

This is amazing, it has so many details and you can tell a lot of time was put into it! I would buy this once it releases!