[COMISSIONS ARE STILL OPEN] Experienced R6 Animator Looking For Job

About Me

Hello everyone!

I am Iridiscence, And I am an experienced R6 Animator.
I’m currently looking for someone to hire me as a R6 Animator for their projects.
I’m very friendly and helpful. You can tell me your ideas, and i’ll turn them into animations.
You can as well tell me what’s wrong with it or if you want me to make any changes!

I am available everyday, every 10 hours.
Each asset will take 2 to 3 hours max depending on the quality of the animation.

Animations I’ve Made By Now:


I accept USD and Robux only

  • Short animations take about 1 hour max and they cost 2$/20R$ each. (non-negotiable)
  • Long/Big animations take about 2 to 3 hours max (mostly 2), and they cost 5$/200R$ each. (negotiable)

USD will be sent through PayPal
Robux will be sent through any method you’d like

Contact Me

On Discord:

  • Muted#0002

On Roblox:

Or on DevForum

Hey, are u able to do gun animations (First Person)?

Yes. Sure thing! Add me on discord.