Command Bar docking / layout problem

Reproduction Steps

1) Undock Command Bar
2) Press Ctrl+9

Expected Behavior

Command Bar should respond to Ctrl+9 hotkey when undocked

Actual Behavior

  1. When Command Bar is undocked, Ctrl+9 won’t work.

  1. When docked (2), there’s a wasted space at Studio’s bottom (1):

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


Yeah I get this issue as well. I’ve seen others have the same issue. But I am surprised that this thread here is not having more activity.

Maybe not everyone has this issue? I don’t know.

What is really strange is, if you revert the Roblox Studio version to an really old version from a repository tool on GitHub, before the DPI Update. For some reason the Command Bar is still having this weird height.

Which makes me wonder if this height is stored in a setting or something.

The shortcut issue is known due to shortcomings in the current hot keys system — we hope to overhaul shortcuts in the near future and would like to add this capability.

The “wasted space” at the bottom of the window is actually a status bar. It does not get used very often so it is usually blank. We’ll look at how we can better utilize this space… including getting rid of it.


Could you show me some example of what appears in this “status bar”?
Because I don’t remember seeing anything there ever…

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The space is not really a major issue.

It’s the Baseplate window that can’t be dragged out right now until it is fixed. Right now it’s contained in the main window.

So, if something is taking space, it becomes annoying. There’s some plugins that use UI that become get obscured unless you hide the Output Window and the Command Bar.


It doesn’t get used a lot. You can see it if you save a place to a local file (it will print the saved location for a few seconds) and when autosaves happen. Collaborate uses it in a few places — mostly to communicate if there was an issue with commits or publishing. It’s likely this will get redesigned in the future.