Command Bar Events

I think it would be prudent to allow Plugins to know when someone types in a command into the Command Bar and presses “Enter” so that we can allow plugins to execute predefined/saved functions;

This will allow game development shortcuts that are differential from player to player depending on what the plugin allows them to do. (Ex Importing a user Set, Executing Lua files, remove a specific class from the game file)


It’d be nice, but personally, imo, if you were to make a plugin that needed input from the command bar, I would just prefer to be able to hit a button (i.e. “/”) in studio, have a custom, CoreGUI command bar pop up that doesn’t crash with autocomplete >: (, and be able to type in custom commands, etc to there.

Its funny, I have made exactly this. My NilCMD Is activated when you make the name of lighting “ll”, and when your mouse is near the bottom the viewing window the cmd-bar shows up. I could add a lot more to it to make it better/ more customizable but- alas its still not s satisfying as using a ROBLOX Cmd-bar ;______;

Cool idea! There could be an event that fires with the text that was in the command bar[strike]n[/strike] :smiley:

That made me laugh ;___; :frowning:

Just use _G or shared:

_G.someFunc(“load”, “module”, “blablabla”)

Also when you execute some code in the command bar it will fire the LogService event, so you can just intercept that and do what you want.