Command Bar Missing

Does anyone know how i can make my Command Bar appear again in Studio? As far as i know its a very old Studio bug that hasn’t been fixed yet. Im using 2 monitors and one has a much smaller resolution than the other and the Command Bar is probably off-screen now.
Is there a way that doesn’t include deleting stuff from Registry?

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Right-click somewhere empty and press the command option.


Go to view and find the option that says command bar.

I already tried opening and closing it. Its a studio bug, not me not knowing how to open the command bar.

Have you used just 1 computer and tried that?

I’ve only ever used one computer for Studio. The problem is that i keep switching my Studio between my 2 monitors. One has a very high resolution meanwhile the other is a small, 720p monitor. I assume the command bar is offscreen now because of this and there is no way to move or bring it back.

I don’t understand what you mean. Do you mind going into full detail?

The only option i found is deleting my Roblox folder from my Registry which will delete all my Studio settings. Studio Command Bar Missing - Bug Reports / Studio Bugs - DevForum | Roblox

I really do not want to do this because my Studio is very “personalized”.

Here is someone facing a similar issue and he explained it pretty well.
Studio Command Bar Missing - Bug Reports / Studio Bugs - DevForum | Roblox

Now I think it is because one is not the same size as the other one.

Thats exactly what i said above when i mentioned the resolution difference between my monitors.

I think i found a “fix”.
I gave up on fixing this and bought InCommand - versatile, adaptable command execution - Help and Feedback / Cool Creations - DevForum | Roblox
Doesn’t bring the original command bar but it works just the same / better than the original.

Just realized how this looks. THIS IS NOT AN AD. lol.

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