Comments about my low poly construction (i accept criticals)

Hello, I am a Low Poly builder, my name is Mateo; and I would like to hear your opinions and questions about my Halloween build. This Halloween build was only created for the game icon and Discord group. Exactly I started yesterday and ended yesterday; it took me 3 hours


I love the detail and time spent into it, however I don’t think the color choice makes me feel spooked or in any emotion whatsoever. Being honest when thinking of that building itself i would think of a full moon covered with trees and vines… maybe a mountain in the back tucked away in a small area of nature. Now, that being said, this is my opinion, so in total I would try to experiment with colors and trees.


I agree with you, it looks more like a fantasy castle in my opinion. Changing the colors and time of day would probably do a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks great! However, I do have some minor touch up suggestions for you:

  • The neon seems to be too bright, I suggest using a darker version of that colour so it doesn’t glow as much and so you can see the details put onto the neon parts better

  • The orange windows in the right of the picture need SOMETHING, I just don’t know what that something is, I’m thinking maybe a lattice or some sort of design to make it better stick out

  • Maybe add some spooky lanterns along the path for extra decoration. I don’t know what you are intending to do with the atmosphere - if anything at all - but I feel like if you made it night time and added the lanterns , it would give a more spooky vibe.

Other than that it looks amazing! Keep it up!

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Thank you very much for your ideas to improve my construction

While the colors matches the cartoony approach your wanting to achieve out of this consider making feature the theme so it doesn’t look like a bland design. It needs to be more spooky in order to fit the Halloween theme, it is a time where you go with adding the proper details to the land and house itself. Add some abandoned items around the area or different structures, or some spooky looking props to fit with the design so it’ll match the setting.

There are many types of ideas that you could brainstorm. Add some dried trees along the entrance cobwebs certain parts across the surface, always use reference images of the things your trying to create as it’ll help getting those important details.

Otherwise it’s a start consider to improve it more further i would encourage you to add variation into the trees and use reference images if your losing ideas on what to add next.

Very cool, the details are amazing, I can tell it took you lots of time to make. The only thing I think should be improved is the grass and the bright neon, I personally feel you should make the grass darker because I don’t think it fits with the halloween theme and make the neon a bit darker.