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Hey guys, I need some votes on this resort that is currently coming up, it’s a version 1 for my group made by a wonderful experienced developer UndesiredWish.

Releasing on BETA testing and paid access on June 4th till June 18th.

BETA testing and paid access will be turned off June 18th for preparations for the grand opening on June 19th.


UndesiredWish - Exterior/Interior - Full Build - Builder
PixelWyd - Scripting
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First off let me say that this is pretty awesome looking. Having said that, I would give a bit more contrast between the floor texture and the walls, and the brick material on the roof seems a bit weird. I can never remember seeing a brick ceiling.


It looks very nice. As Steve said, Change the texture of the roof and maybe make the colors of the wall more beige. Other than that, it looks very good.


This looks pretty awesome, really like this Steve all ready said what you. Need to change up hope, to see your project go well and hope to see the finish of it…!


Personally, I like the high walls and the sizes of the rooms and the design is great! However, I suggest you change up the textures of the walls or the ceiling as everyone else has said. Maybe try some textures from some texture packs such as this one:

Anyways, hope that helps and good luck on your project!


I agree, needs different textures, but overall I like the design.


Overall, the building itself looks pretty good, as well as the architecture and design.

Here a few suggestions I have:

  1. Try modeling the couches in a program such as blender to give it a modern look, as opposed to just blocks
  2. Change the ceiling texture. The walls and ceilings should not be exactly the same.

I love this resort! It just looks relaxing, if only I could build like this…

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So I recently was scripting for someone, that would pay me 7,125 if I scripted for him. I told him to pay first, but he said “No”. I was like, why? He said “I don’t know if your a scammer”. I mean like, how am I a scammer? I need to pay for this Resort plus the Resort doesn’t cost that much this is why I need it:
2,000 - V1
2,000 - Check Me-In
2,000 - Elevator System by rooboo14
1,000 - GFX
250 - Uniforms

I can’t believe I have been scammed today, if you guys have spare robux please send it to the Seasons Resort group. Thank you!