[Commission Open!]Tester ,Moderator and Translator


:star:Hello!,I’m BadHabbit a Dedicated and Experient Tester,Moderator and Portuguese Translator
For over 4 years and now i want to expand my Portfolio.

As an Tester i can find Scripts and Build errors also give you feedback on your game gameplay and quality and what could be changed

As a Moderator i can Moderate Discord and roblox groups also I can do Moderation inside games

As a Translator I have experience with portuguese to make your game understandable for everyone


I Have contributed to 16m+ visits and helped people to achieve their Dreams
Here is some games i Worked for

Those are only some of the games i have contributed.


I am only looking to work for Experient Developers with at least 2m+ visits

    • ALL PAYMENT IS BEFORE THE COMMISSION HAS STARTED! If you’re not comfortable with that, I understand! These are my terms though.
  • RBX payment is through T-SHIRT ONLY!!! (Commissioner pays taxes)

  • You CANNOT ask for a refund!! The only way I will refund is if I decide that I’m too busy or physically/mentally unable to finish your commission.


Currently i am only accepting Robux as payment,depending on the case I may be willing to do the work for free REMEMBER YOU NEED TO HAVE 2M+ VISITS


For all those services I am accepting Robux as payment,I am experient in all those areas,but maybe depending on your project i may work for groups ranks and in game perks.


You can contact me through DevForum messaging, or Discord. You can also view more examples on Messages. Please do not hesitate to ask ANY questions!

Discord: bad_habbit